Signing Up For Health Insurance Through The Marketplace

Open enrollment is here. If you receive health insurance through the Marketplace, now is the time to renew your insurance for 2020. The open enrollment period is November 1st  through December 15th. To guarantee insurance for 2020, you will need to have your insurance set up by December 15th.

Nowadays, signing up for health insurance is not the easiest. Having an agent by your side is the best way to ensure your information is imputed correctly and that you are getting the most out of your tax credit, should you qualify for a tax credit.

The Marketplace provides you with a way to receive a discount on your health insurance. This is all based on what your adjusted gross income is. To find out what your adjusted gross income is, you can review your past tax documents.

Here at WestSide Insurance Services, we can assist you in getting started on Marketplace. We work with you in creating an account and provide you with the plan information, from there we connect you with our partner in finishing the process.  Should you have any questions about what each plan entails, we are here to assist you in understanding your health insurance.

A few things to remember once your health insurance is set up through Marketplace:

  • If you have any changes to your income during the 2020 year, be sure to contact the Marketplace and inform them of the change. They will adjust your plan based on the updated change. Should this not happen, you may end up having to pay money back when you file your next year’s taxes.
  • Keep them informed if you got married, divorced or moved. These life changes could also affect your premium.

Don’t wait until the last minute in setting up your health insurance, contact us before December 15th at 484-987-7456.

Should you find that you are interested in learning about other health insurance options outside of the Marketplace, we are here to help! Contact us today and we’ll provide you with other options that are available.