Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is here and, while the weather has been amazing, the winter chill is right around the corner. Before winter arrives, you want to do a few things to get your home ready. Below are a few home maintenance items you can tackle this weekend.

Clean Your Gutters
The number of trees around your house will proportionately dictate how often you will have to clean your gutters. Even if you don’t have many, you need to make sure they are cleaned at least once this season. Not having a clean gutter going into winter could wreak havoc on your home, especially if we get a lot of rain or snow. What type of havoc, you ask? A clogged gutter can lead to water damage or ice damming. Save yourself some extra work and install gutter guards!

Inspect Your Roof
It’s a smart idea to have your roof inspected once a season. While this may seem like a lot, keeping your roof regularly maintained will help prolong the life of it. Roofs are expensive so you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

Check Your Windows and Doors
Take the time to check your windows and doors to make sure there are no cracks for air to get through. If you do find some, be sure to caulk or add weather stripping. Or maybe it’s time to have your windows or doors replaced. Fall is a great time to do this since most people aren’t running their A/C or heater.

Clean Up Outside
Make sure anything you may have outside from the summer months is put away. Items such as hoses, patio furniture and pool accessories should be stored for the winter. This will help prolong their life.  Also, be sure to shut off the water to the outside faucets.

Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance
When was the last time you reviewed your homeowner’s insurance? If it’s been awhile, now is the time! Here at Westside Insurance we can assist you in reviewing your insurance needs to make sure you are covered from any damage that may happen from winter storms.

Being prepared for the late fall and winter months is important. Doing just a few simple tasks can help reduce the risk of damage happening to your house or high energy bills. We hope you have a great fall and remember if you need any insurance assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.